Hello & welcome to Spray Finance Ecosystem!

As part of the project roadmap and expected features of the ecosystem, we are pleased to announce to live deployment of the $5PRAY token. Please note that this token will not be available for pre-sale. In this article, I shall be sharing more details on this aspect of the project and timelines of what to expect.

$5PRAY Token will serve as a reward token for all holders of the $SPRAY token. The concept and idea behind this initiative is to reward holders of the $SPRAY with an equivalent of $5PRAY — So basically…

From the team behind the Spray Finance Ecosystem, this update has been published to share further insights and updates on the Ongoing $Spray Presale Round 1. Please see details below:

$SPRAY Finance Pre-sale Round 1 — View Token on Etherscan Here

Token Name: Spray Finance Token

Token Ticker: SPRAY

Number of Tokens For Presale R1 — 2,300

Total Supply of tokens — 5,500

Pre-sale Price — 1eth — 8 Spray (Approx. 50usd)

Minimum Order = 0.1eth | Maximum Order = 10eth

Round 1 End Date: November 9th — 2020

SPRAY will be governance token of the ecosystem & comes with…

Hello & welcome to the Spray Finance Ecosystem, My name is Andrei, the CEO of Spray Finance. In this article, I will be sharing our back story, behind the scenes & introducing you to the Spray Finance Ecosystem. Without taking your time further, let’s get to it!

The idea was originally birthed in about 2012 while I was working as an intern with an investment & venture capital firm back then in California. During this period, the cryptocurrency space was still quite young and in it’s early prime and of-course that came with a lot of speculations and worries too…

Spray Finance

Decentralized, Deflationary, Liquidity Locked Token! Designed to maximize yields & profits for all users. APY = 400%. Max Supply = 5,500 SPRAY. Presale Live Now

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