Introduction To Spray Finance & Message From The CEO

Hello & welcome to the Spray Finance Ecosystem, My name is Andrei, the CEO of Spray Finance. In this article, I will be sharing our back story, behind the scenes & introducing you to the Spray Finance Ecosystem. Without taking your time further, let’s get to it!

The idea was originally birthed in about 2012 while I was working as an intern with an investment & venture capital firm back then in California. During this period, the cryptocurrency space was still quite young and in it’s early prime and of-course that came with a lot of speculations and worries too. But sadly, like some brilliant ideas, after creating a twitter account in 2013 — guess what, it ended there! The idea never kicked off… All we had was a twitter account with zero tweets and no followers — Looking back thats very funny right?

Fast forward to 2020, almost 7years later, we are back here again! Now what is this idea you might be wondering… Let me share it with you below:

The Idea Behind The Spray Finance Ecosystem

Back in 2013 when the idea came remember that then, bitcoin was really very young and was trading for about $7 there about. So the objective and the idea was simply — how high can a cryptocurrency get and what are the factors that must be put in place to achieve a highly valuable and priced coin. From our research and calculations, we expected Bitcoin to get as high as $50,000 per coin but then again, this could take a really long time or happen right at any time too. No-one was certain when. Guess what?

In 2017, Bitcoin rose to as high as $10,000 further validating the idea, the concept and existence of unlimited possibilities in the cryptocurrency space.

So basically,

It took Bitcoin about 5years to hit the $10,000 mark

It took YFI about 1 month to hit $15,000 mark

With the rise of the De-Fi industry, more and more possibilities emerge and with all these validations we decided to accept the challenge which is basically an experiment on how high can the price of a coin get within the shortest period of time without loosing its value — Hence the rebirth of SPRAY Finance in 2019!

The team went back to study further, dive deeper, do more research and learn new skills to update our expertise and now in 2020 we present to you the Spray Finance Ecosystem which is an experimental project to explore unlimited and endless possibilities.

To Achieve This, What Did We Do & Why?

First we have made the total number of available tokens to be very limited for scarcity and in return higher price for each as the demand increases — Total supply = 5,500 SPRAY

Second, we did not inject any investor funds into the project for the benefit of the users and holders of the token. Although we got some potential investment offers we had to turn them all down because we are concerned this might affect the concept of the project in the long term because the investors will always want returns and some projects we have seen lately, a dump often occurs thereby causing the people the platform was built for to be left with little or no benefit. It might sound crazy but to reduce the chances of this, we had to say no to several investors too.

The team behind Spray Finance hold themselves to high standards to deliver excellence however because this is an experimental project, in beta stage and market conditions play a major role, we encourage all users to use at their own risk, trade wisely and only invest money they can afford to loose (which is standard recommendation for almost every financial trading or volatile market procedure)

To also help us achieve our goal together as a community, we are offering over 50% of total supply of SPRAY during the pre-sale window to put the power in the hands of the community as much as possible. There were no private sales, no hidden whales or investors — It is 100% decentralized too!

Also much as there are admins and community moderators groups, I personally will also be in the official Telegram group providing updates and staying connected to everyone.

Therefore, On this day 2nd of November — 2020, we officially launch and kick start the Spray Finance project! We encourage you to follow us on twitter here, join the telegram group here.

We recommend you also follow this medium account to stay updated on all progress and announcements. You can visit the website here to find out more about the ecosystem too.

All questions, inquiries, feedback and suggestions can be sent to — More contents will be published from time to time and hope to have you around too. Thank you once again! Talk again soon

Disclaimer: Remember to always do your own research and note that this project is experimental and no one will be responsible for any loss of investment as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. We advise that you trade wisely and only invest money you can afford to loose.

PS: In summary, the objective behind Spray Finance is to experiment and see how high the price of a coin can get without loosing its value . Its 100% decentralized too! Welcome to Spray Finance — the world of endless possibilities, where everybody can be a winner!

Decentralized, Deflationary, Liquidity Locked Token! Designed to maximize yields & profits for all users. APY = 400%. Max Supply = 5,500 SPRAY. Presale Live Now

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